Our main aim is to support and help you with your initial application, right through to the Final Hearing saving you £££ on expensive solicitor and barristers costs.


A solicitor will typically cost you from £250 onwards per hour, whereas a McKenzie friend can support you at a fraction of the cost.


A McKenzie Friend would support you, emotionally and guide you through the paperwork from the Courts throughout the separation and family law proceedings


Attending court can be a daunting experience especially if the Other Side has instructed a solicitor or barrister, or if you have been in a situation where you have suffered from an abusive relationship and have lost your confidence or feel intimidated by the Other Side whilst in Court. 


This will help you be in control of your own case. You are the best person who knows your case and history and who cares what happens in Court. Please don't forget you are the one who can argue the facts and nobody knows the facts better than you.


  'Turn to Us'                                                                                        Solicitors charges

  Standard rate:      £60 per hour                                                          Minimum of £250 per hour

  Text:                     Charged according to length and frequency         Varies

  Emails:                 Charged according to length and frequency         £25 per email

  Court Half days:   £200                                                                      £600+

  Court full days:     £350                                                                      £2,0000+

  Travel                   45ppm (£60 per hour of travel time)