What is a McKenzie Friend

Everybody is entitled to have somebody with them in Court.  McKenzie friends provide support during what can sometimes be, an intensely stressful experience in an unfamiliar setting. 


A McKenzie Friend does not need to be a legally qualified person just somebody who can be there for you at a time when you need support the most.  However, it is advantagous if they have some legal training.

A McKenzie Friend normally has a wealth of personal experience or some sort of legal training even if they are not practising.  A McKenzie Friend will help prepare bundles for Court matters and can offer invaluable assistance before, during and after the Court case.

What can a McKenzie Friend do?


A Mckenzie Friend can help with Court procedings by:

  • Providing moral support
  • Taking notes
  • Helping with producing and organising case papers
  • Quietly giving suggestions or written suggestions to assist during the hearing.
  • Under certain circumstances your McKenzie Friend can apply for special dispensation to speak on your behalf in Court.

McKenzie Friends cannot:

  • Speak out in Court other than when granted special permission, (ie question witness or speak to the judge or magistrates
  • Manage cases outside Court
  • Act as an agent
  • File Court documents and statements

'Turn to Us' is a professional service providing support and guidance for separation, divorce, family,  and childrens' matters in a Family Court proceeings.


If you require advice about the merits of your case or application, or what to say in your statements, you should consult a practising solicitor who is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.


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